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We are a community of data scientists that use their skills to better the community

The Big Ideas


Data science has the potential to improve our communities, so we run projects with that sole purpose. Our projects are chosen because of their potential impact, both on our campus and the global community at large. We don't want our members to be hindered by lack of money, so our featured projects receive funding for resources that are crucial to their success.
We recognize a good idea can come from anywhere, so we encourage our members to pursue their own projects. Member-initiated projects receive the support of the club, and if they satisfy our community-oriented criteria, may receive funding.


Data science is a hard field to get into, and can be intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with it. To make the learning process easier for our members, we host weekly workshops that let them interactively get familiar with data science. We also host monthly public workshops that help those who are interested learn more about the field and get their feet wet with basic data science skills.


We want our members to be well-prepared for their future. After all, we are nothing without them! Our special events include corporate information sessions, game nights, and networking events that allow our members to devleop themselves professionally. We are also planning on hosting a data-science-oriented hackathon in Spring 2019.

The latest from us

Current Projects

More projects coming soon

Atlanta Crime Map

Spring 2018


Fall 2018


Fall 2018


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Dues are $15 for new members and $10 for returning members, payable by Venmo @DataScienceGT or in cash at any one of our events (just find an exec member)

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Public Content

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Our Custom Curriculum

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